What We Do

Corporate Restructuring and Revitalization

Our Matrix philosophy is recovery through growth (if possible). We help clients trim the fat; restructure debt; reorganize for maximum efficiency; and invest in essential resources. We will shepherd clients through bankruptcy if a court-sanctioned restructuring is their best option. Matrix can advise, participate and lead. Our preference is to exercise hands-on control, as experience shows, this enhances the probability of success.

Matrix takes on restructuring in turnaround situations, divestitures and acquisitions. We have a track record of success in many different industries.

Rapid Situational Analysis

Rapid Situation Analysis (RSA) is a stand-alone service offered to clients who need an immediate assessment of their current business; it is also part of every Matrix-led restructuring. The Matrix team executes a SWOT analysis covering management, finance, operations, sales and marketing. The RSA is designed to determine:

  • How the business is supposed to work.
  • How it actually works.
  • Operational, financial, management and marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  • The organization’s core competencies.
  • Opportunities and Strategic alternatives .
  • The plan that will deliver the best result for stakeholders.
  • The RSA includes rigorous due diligence and delivers fundamental data essential to valuation.
  • It provides an essential foundation for developing a restructuring/revitalization plan.
  • An RSA is typically delivered within thirty to forty-five days from beginning engagement.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Building from the Rapid Situation Analysis, Matrix works with stakeholders to create strategic and operational plans that work.

Communication with stakeholders is fundamental to the planning process. We help stakeholders set and prioritize realistic goals. We create a timeline for the planning process and for achieving measurable results. We align shareholder expectations with what is doable.

We research the market, customers, competitors and government and regulatory factors influencing success. Then, building from core competencies, we create a plan to maximize shareholder value. We build a financial model to test and challenge the plan. And we create metrics to gauge real world success.

We assign responsibility and put the plan into action.

Corporate Restructuring

Matrix is skilled at trimming the fat and leaving the lean muscle. We help companies “right-size” growing those resources necessary to succeed in today’s tough competitive climate while divesting operations and functions that no longer support the core strategy.

We help clients execute informal debt restructuring while maintaining critical relationships with lenders and vendors.

We refine, reduce, rebuild, and rejuvenate leaving the organization leaner and more aggressive, with a real competitive advantage in its market. We restructure compensation plans; find or expand distribution channels; optimize the supply chain; and improve productivity at every level.

Hands-on Execution

Matrix doesn’t just tell you how to restructure, we take the lead helping you execute the restructuring plan.

The Matrix Senior Management Team is able to assume a leadership role in any department (CEO, CFO, COO, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Technology) and lead the company in a successful implementation of the strategic plan.

We take hands-on control and execute the plan, producing measureable results that meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. We keep stakeholders apprised every step of the way.

We are so confident in our ability to lead your company back to profitability that we’ll take a significant portion of our compensation based on achieving mutually agreed performance levels.