Peter Grant

Peter Grant is a sales and marketing executive and organizational re-engineering specialist. His hands-on people-oriented style has paid dividends for companies of all sizes. Peter has consistently grown sales and profits exponentially, helping companies move from process, factory, and technology driven to market and customer driven with concomitant top line and bottom line results.

Peter's fundamental turnaround philosophy is consistent with the Matrix approach. Peter doesn't just focus on where costs can be cut; he also focuses on where revenues can be increased, building new sales and marketing strategies, restructuring compensation plans, revitalizing customer contact functions and delivering increased customer satisfaction. His most recent success is an excellent example of the way he works. He was hired by MacDermid ColorSpan in 2003 to salvage a faltering company and restructure for growth and profit. By 2007 he had doubled revenue and grown profit twelve-fold. He led the sale of the company to Hewlett Packard and then stayed on with HP to integrate the marketing, sales, and support processes and people, helping HP develop a strategy to fully exploit the ColorSpan acquisition.

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